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    Inventory Management Software in Excel

    A stock inventory control template serves the basic function of helping a business to achieve efficient organization capabilities by helping to track all its goods, implements, resources, tools, etc. in an optimal manner. Inventory management website template can be used online without download, although a large number may be availed and kept offline for free [1]Inventory means complete list of items such as property, goods in stock, or the contents of a building [6].  
    Microsoft excel is the most widely used spreadsheet [8]. It is very rich in mathematical functions of diverse fields like statistics, economics and engineering [10]. It also supports different programming languages like visual basics for applications (vba), “M” language and DAX [2]. It has the ability to present reports in graphical and tabular formats. It is supported on most operating systems.
    Due to its quick and easy accessibility, it has been used to develop different utility tools for accomplishing tasks with speed and accuracy. A lot of office tasks have been automated with the help of vba in excel.
    One of the office task that excel sheet has come in handy to resolve is development of inventory management software. This is basically assemblage of excel inventory template with formulas. In many instances, inventory management app or inventory tracking software were developed as inventory sheet or inventory template using excel in order to simplify stock and cash flow management in business environments.

    List of excel inventory templates

    There are many existing free excel inventory spreadsheets. They can be downloaded freely for offline usage.

    1.     SmartBizVentory

    SmartBizVentory stands for Smart Business Inventory [7] and it is a free inventory management software  developed by EfoSmart with excel for inventory management. It has different versions for all versions of Microsoft Excel like Windows, Mac, android and iOs. with a lot of features [9]

    2.     Others

    There are other numerous nameless excel stock tracking templates online as in [1],  [3] and [5].


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