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    How to Earn Money From SmartBizVentory

    The project of SmartBizVentory (a free inventory management tool that works on phones and PCs) is aimed at reducing unemployment in the society.
    Though relegated in this part of the world, It is popular in America as revealed by our site statistic.

    Follow the procedures below to achieve this
    1.          Feel free to download SmartBizVentory at no cost.
    2.          Ensure you watch the instructional videos in order to understand how it works.
    3.          The Windows and Mac versions are only compatible with Microsoft Excel 2013 and above.
    4.          The mobile version is only compactible with Microsoft Excel from various stores.
    5.          One must be signed in with Microsoft account before one can use the mobile Excel to edit and save any document.
    6.          Create a private Microsoft account for yourself and a general one for test running purpose on client’s mobile devices.
    7.          Implementation.
    a.           Enlighten different business owners (target small and medium scales because they are many and easily accessible) on the services your solution could render and the benefits.
    b.          Give them a free trial with the general Microsoft account you created.
    c.           Monitor their feedbacks.
    d.          Take care of any issue raised.
    e.           If anyone complains that he has more stocks than the mobile can handle (300), advise him/her to monitor the major ones first.
    f.            If anyone requires more functionalities and 5,000 stocks, advice him/her to buy a PC and use either the Windows or Mac version.
    8.          How to use SmartBizVentory to monitor any amount of unique stocks.
    a.     Categorize your stocks to different classes like
                        i.      Kitchen wares
                      ii.      Baby things
                   iii.      Stationeries
                    iv.      Jewelries
    b.     Multiply the original copy of SmartBizVentory and give them unique name to reflect the categories they are to monitor eg Stationeries_ SmartBizVentory.
    c.     Open any of the files (program instance) to document your transactions.
    9.       If anyone has issues with starting the program on mobile, follow these steps
    a.     Start Excel
    b.     Click “Open”
    c.     Click “This device”
    d.     Navigate to the file directory
    e.     Click the SmartBizVentory file

    10.      Note
    a.        The speed of the program depends on the speed of your gadget.
    b.        A computer with intel Core i3, 4GB RAM or its equivalent
    c.        An android phone with version 4.4, 1.5GB RAM or its equialent
    d.        The bigger your screen the better.
    11.      To use the PC version use these credentials
    a.        UserName:    Admin
    b.        Password:      a
    12.      To run on PC that the processor is less than Core i5 or its equivalent for the first time, close all other applications, documents and workbooks. This is to help you measure its performance on your system.
    13.      You may need to improve your system performance if need be.
    14.      Recommended System specifications
    a.        PC
                             i.      MS Excel 2013, Core i5 processor or its equivalent
    b.        Mobile
                             i.      2GB RAM, 5.5 inches screen, Excel.

    It is a matter of time for you to start earning something reasonable. You can earn more if you are given the contract of loading the database with stocks. The program runs for a year so that your services will always be needed at year end if users are satisfied. All you need to do is to download the latest version from our site. The data will however remain intact and responsive even after expiration.

    In conclusion, let learn to turn challenges to opportunities. Unemployment will be a thing of the past.


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