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    Windows High CPU Issues And Fix

    After upgrading my computer to Windows 10 fall creator update,  I noticed;
    1. I could not generate hotspot with windows hotspot option
    2. High CPU usage as seen. 
    See video here

    High CPU demand on any system leads to issues like;
    1. Reduction in speed
    2. Increase in temperature
    3. Quick battery drain
    4. Shortens battery life span
    5. System fan noise
    I did a lot of research to know the root cause and possible solutions. All the options did not help as expected.
    You may see the posts below

    1. How to fix: Svchost.exe (netsvcs) memory leak or high CPU usage problems
    2. How To Fix High RAM and CPU Usage of Windows 10 System (ntoskrnl.exe) Process
    3. Windows 10 High CPU Usage Fixes

    Do not adhere to stoppage of 'Windows Update' service advice as this was counter productive for my system in terms of CPU load (I use Surface Pro 3 running the Fall Creators update of Windows 10).

    My Fix
    I then did an analysis to know the strange services that are responsible for the anomalies. The report I got is shown below.

    I discovered that most of the services are network related. I then did the following
    1. Switch off/disable the network adaptors 
    2. Switch back on/enable the network adaptors 
    3. Restart the system 
    follow the picturial depiction below to achieve this

    There is a short process to achieve this on windows 10 Fall Creator update as explained in the pictures below

    When the system restarted things returned to normal as seen below.

    I have applied these procedures on other systems and windows versions and they were all fixed.
    Kindly note that the CPU issue will return when you;
    1. Connect to hotspot and chose to be discoverable by other devices in the network. This is same as creating home, private or work group. Choose public option until there is a fix.

    2. Generate/create hotspot with your system.

     In the final analysis, it was discovered that two processes are responsible for the abnormal CPU loading
    1. icssvc (LocalServiceNetworkRestricted): This will trigger when you connect to wifi and made it private (home or work group). Therefore always make it public until there is a fix
    2. NetSetupSvc (netsvcs): This will start running when you (attempt to) create hotspot from your computer.

    Appeal To Microsoft

    All we have done is to fix problem #2.
    1. Issue #1 which make it impossible to generate hotspot should be fixed.
    2. The issue whereby CPU usage becomes abnormal due to network adapter activities should be looked into.
    3. Touch Keyboard takes too much work-space on screen. Kindly provide dynamic size scaling.
    4. I also noticed that 'Microsoft Office Screen Recorder' also gulps excess CPU resources as shown below. Kindly fix this as well.

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