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    Free offline mobile business inventory manager

    SmartBizVentory for mobile can provide convenient stock control system in the inventory management of small and medium businesses (SMEs). It is a complete mobile inventory solution that can run on iOS, android windows etc.

    It is a free inventory tool that manages your business transactions from anywhere and at anytime.It has different versions for different operating systems.
    You can freely download this program for use and training from here  

    1. It support Microsoft Excel (2013 and above for PC and Mac Versions). As for the mobile version, download Excel from store and sign in with your Microsoft account.
    2. User friendly. Inputs are either automatically populated or are selected from dropdown list
    3. It can work in Mobile and PC Mode (with more capabilities)
    4. Can work on any Operating System that supports Microsoft Excel
    5. Under PC mode, it has Manual and Auto Mode for Unit Cost of Products/Services
    6. Dynamic search of products/services from the database.
    7. Can generate receipt in PC Mode
    8. Print transformation (Can transform between tiny paper size (POS Type) and normal A4 format based on choice)
    9. Requires password for users to log in
    10. Different User privileges with ability to change the default password (the default Admin password is a).
    11. Option for numbers of receipt copies to print.
    12. Variable VAT implementation
    13. Can be used alone or with multiple users for group transactions at same time
    14. Free to use. Has life cycle of first one year of usage. Need to download the latest version at year end or reach us for time extension if desired. All data of past years remain preserved and responsive
    15. Ability to monitor all deleted/Reversed transactions
    16. Can auto-restock returned/reversed transactions of very recent operations back to database.
    17. Can handle up to 5,000 (300 for mobile) products in the database
    18. Can handle up to 100,000 (9,000 for mobile) transactions/records
    19. Online capabilities for remote monitoring

    Note that some of the features can only work in the PC and Mac Versions 

    Available Reports
    After setting StartTime and EndTime, it can can report per Product/Service:
    1.  Quantity sold/Number of transactions
    2. Amount realized
    3. Profit
    4. Balance stock
    5. Balance stock worth at cost price
    6. Balance stock worth at selling price
    7. Balance stock expected profit
    8. Last date of stocking 
    9. Minimum set stock quantity (for guide)
    10. More are possible when PC Mode is enabled.
    Others are

    1. Numbers of days for a product to expire.
    2. Balance quantity in stock
    3. History of Products Purchases/Inflow (Products, Dates, Last Stock Quantity, Previous Stock quantity, Current Stock quantity, etc)
    4. Total amount realized
    5. Total Profit
    6. Staff Cost (Monthly or as desired)
    7. All other Expenses outside Staff Cost
    8. Net Profit

    Applicable Fields
    1. Shops (Retail and Wholesale)
    2. Stores (Small and Industrial)
    3. Warehouses
    4. Hotels
    5. Saloons
    6. Any Business Organization
    Please note that the Pc and Mac versions can only run on Excel 2013 and above. Download Excel from store to use on mobile devices. You are required to have Microsoft account to fully use mobile Excel version. Click here to create one.

    Instructional Videos
    You can watch
    1. Mobile Version Overview
    2. Complete Mobile Version Tutorial
    3. PC and Mac Vesions Lectures

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