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    Causes Of Unemployment

    The hype and frenzy of Christmas is at its peak. Unemployment stress is least topic for consideration. Everyone running around for the last minute rush for shopping.
    I decided to finish up some transactions at the bank so I can blend with the Modus Vivendi as it stands. In the thick swarm of homo sapiens, I saw a hand raised to me for a shake and I obliged. The face looked so familiar (pardon me), Then he said
    “Mr. [/////], I need a job.”
    I was speechless and motionless for a while. Then I begged him to revive my memory. He was one of the security personnel in our company (the regular uniform had confused me seeing him in mufti).
    The offence was clear. Breach of security protocols even in things that pertains to the MD’s office. Three people were fired!
    1.      More people have just been added to the already oversaturated labor market.
    2.      As an employer, always make provisions for back up security.
    3.      It is not everyone that will be smiling at Christmas.

    1.      Let be diligent with our job no matter the pay. Resignation is better than termination, and voluntary retirement is better than dismissal.
    The Way Forward
    He is hoping on me for a job. I saw the pain and I perceived the expectations. My heart bled. This is the pain.
    Well, silver or gold, I have not, but what I have, I give in Jesus name. I counselled him.
    Now to anyone that is jobless, kindly pay attention. I know things are not easy. Yes, I know. [He (my friend) just called at this point of this write up (He is waiting for this piece to be completed because I promised to send him a documented guide of our verbal discussion)]. I want to let you know that everyone is a potential CEO. I am serious. It is just mindset, idea, passion and opportunity.
    Some will ask  
    are you one?
    Well, well, well, ehm, ehm. Explicitely or directly No, implicitly or indirectly Yes.
    Ok, Ok, This is not about me this time. After all, I work, I am happy and satisfied.
    You are the one that need assistance right now. Let consider how you can improve your standard of living.
    Take this to heart before we continue, “Diligence and success are inseparable friends”.
    The more humanity is confronted with challenges, the more opportunities abound for success to those that can think smart.

    1.      Identify prevalent challenges.
    a.      Identify list of probable solutions.
    b.      Identify probable solution options.
    c.       Identify the cheapest and easiest options.
    d.      Implement.
    2.      Identify difficulties in current solutions to challenges and provide remedies.
    3.      Always be positively and smartly engaged.
    4.      Be patient as your effort go through stages to break even.

    Case Study.
    Imagine a society where a lot of commercial activities do take place.
    1.      One of the challenges will be proper documentation of transactions or stock movement.
    2.      A better way to do such will be to adopt computer or mobile based specialized program.
    3.      A cheap way to solve such could be a well customized excel template for such tasks.
    4.      Mobile platform will likely penetrate the market more than the PCs.
    5.      Implement.

    Maters Arising
    Many may not be proficient in Excel. You can achieve all these easily by following the provided opportunities by SmartBizVentory 

    Unemployment does not exist. What exist is lack of idea and this is the major cause  of unemployment. There are many ways to take care of it. This is just one of them. I wish you the best.

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