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    SmartBizVentory Video Tutorials

    SmartBizVentory is an Inventory manager. Some may see it as an inventory tracker.

    It is a free inventory tool for business management.
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    Repository/Home Page
    Download Latest Versions
    User Manual

    How to setup

    Follow the links below for how to use.
    1. Intro
    5. Practical demo on login and transactions
    6. Printer SetUp
    7. Wrong way to Delete or Print 
    8. Receipt Print 
    9. Help page
    10. Quick database status details
    11. Control page
    12. Goods and Services (stocks) page
    13. How to delete records from from Stocks
    14. Product stocking history
    15. Password and privileges setting
    16. Business credentials setting 
    17. Reversed and deleted transactions   
    18. Report page
    19. Pivot charts and tables Reports
    20. How to customize Receipt
    21. How to capture expenses
    22. Staff data
    23. Price Regulations and other settings
    24. Settings Update
    25. How to access from multiple PCs simultaneously
    26. System optimization
    27. Online SetUp/Capabilities
    28. Applicable fields and conclusion

    Free Mobile Inventory Manager Videos
    1. Features Summary                                
    2. Mobile Lectures Summary                   
    3.  Intro                                                       
    4. Features and Uses                                 
    5. Quick database status                          
    7. Detailed reports generation                
    8. Product stocking history                      
    9. Product transaction history                 
    10. How to create Stock list                      
    11. How to create Stocking History         
    13. How to record transactions               
    14. How to capture Staff data                  
    15. How to capture expenses                   
    16. Help page                                             
    17. How to Save                                         
    18. Dynamic Search                                   
    19. Smart guides                                        
    21. How to resolve missing records        
    22. How to reuse when filled up.            
    23. How to undo / correct error              
    24. How to use for over 300 Stocks         
    25. How to start / Run the program        
    27. Missing sheet / page tabs                  
    28. Online integration / backup / Storage            
    29. More help info                                     
    30. Area of usage                                       
    31. How to contact us                               
    32. Conclusion                                         

    Please note that it can only run on Excel 2013 and above. Download Microsoft (MS) Excel from Store and sign in with your MS Account to use on mobile

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