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    Battery Power, System Resources And Internet Data Management in Android Devices.

    The world celebrated the advent of mobile smart devices because of their abilities to carry out most of the office tasks on the go. One of the greatest challenges that came with such event was the power on time limitations as their batteries could hardly go for the time we wished for without the need for a recharge. This research was done to manage power consumption in order to reduce the frequency of charging the battery, increase operation smoothness and save us from the unnecessary internet data misuse by some applications of android operating system. We shall actualize all these without the need for a root access privilege. 

    Android operating system has become very popular due to the fact that almost everyone now own an android device ranging from phones, phablets to tablets etc.
    These gadgets came with different challenges like insufficient battery power, excessive internet data consumption, processing speed issues, security threats, etc. It is in the light of these that I have decided to do this research in order for us to have higher level of control over our devices.
    Fig. 1 is a picture of what we intend to achieve.

                                   Fig. 1

    1. Download the following applications as shown in Fig. 2.
    Fig. 2
    2. Install Autosync free application and set it as shown in Fig. 3.

                                     Fig. 3

    Note that this will delay email and Gmail (a bit) from delivering messages on time except when connected to external power, you may download third party applications like Yahoo Mail to get your messages instantly or check your mails by opening the applications and Synchronize or do manual synchronization of accounts in setting.

    3. Download Hibernate application and hibernate as many applications and processes as possible.
    Do not hibernate the applications shown in Fig. 4 and anyone that may show up as insistent process as shown in Fig. 5 and applications in step 6 and any application you use very often or applications that are constantly restarting in application manager (running applications).

        Fig. 4

                                           Fig. 5
    4. Go to Application manager in setting and turn off some of the default background processes, services and applications that you do not need as shown in Fig. 6 (Android Version 4.3, TouchWiz UI).
    You can know all running applications by opening All-in-One Toolbox applications (process menu before whitelisting any of them) or by opening Hibernate application, click on the search icon and CHECK all boxes.
    Do not turn off applications that appear in step 3 and 6 or anyone that affects the features you are interested in.
          Fig. 6

    ·         By turning off Google Search, you will not be able to use voice search/typing features.
    ·         PagebuddyNotiSvc is for earphone and S Pen attachment and detachment notifications but does not affects their operations
    ·         Software update is for updating the device firmware, you can turn it ON just to update (when there is an OTA update for your gadget) and turn it OFF when done.
    ·         Calendar Storage though can be turned off but it works with SNS and Facebook to get the birthdays of friends and any stored event or task on your device. Therefore do not turn it off but it can be safely Hibernated to stop it from running on background.
    ·         Wi-Fi Direct Share can be turned off but it will affect sharing of files between different devices through Wi-Fi.
    ·         What we TURNED OFF are not necessarily all the applications we feel we do not need (debloating), but the ones that always run at the background that we do not need. These background processes are what have (negative) effects on battery life, ram space and other system resources. The rest applications are inactive until any activated command triggers them to be active (for a while). Therefore, I will advise that they (the applications that do not run on background) are left but hibernated to keep them inactive after they have performed their tasks. THEREFORE WE ONLY TURNED OFF UNHIBERNATABLE BACKGROUND APPLICATIONS THAT WE DO NOT NEED.
    ·         You may turn off (UNCHECK) notifications from background processes that you do not need as seen in Fig. 7. PLAY SAFE HERE IN ORDER NOT TO TURN OFF NEEDED NOTIFICATIONS. IN CASE OF ANY ERROR, JUST TURN THEM ON AGAIN.

                                    Fig. 7

    5. Install Mobiwol firewall application.
    Go to connection log in the application and restrict any application that uses data that you do not want. Whether on background, foreground or wifi
    Do not restrict
    MEDIA server
    Note that firewall might inhibit tethering with other gadgets. Turn it off if this happens during tethering and then turn it back on when through (except you can get the workaround). 
    Research shows that Version 4.1.2 of this application is buggy. It makes wi-fi hotspot and normal wi-fi operations to conflict with each other. Use other versions that do not have this issue.                  

    6. Install and enable 2 Battery application (preferably the pro version which gives more control and options). See Fig. 8.
    This application helps to shut down internet radio of your phone when not in use thereby conserving battery and internet data. It however turn it on periodically (15 minutes by default) so as to receive any hanging message that depends on internet connectivity. 

                                     Fig. 8

    Ensure you whitelist DOWNLOAD MANAGER and any downloading software you have (e.g. tubemate, loaderdroid.apk (the best downloader I know) etc). You can only whitelist one application in the free version, go pro to unlock any limitation.
    Do not whitelist any instant messager like Facebook, BBM, skype, line, whatsapp, mail etc.
    Note that these applications/processes cannot show up for whitelisting except they are active. Therefore to whitelist DOWNLOAD MANAGER, start a downloading process etc. I noticed that opera browsers/downloader do not show up here, so do not bother yourself if you noticed same.
    Sometimes, this application cuts off internet when there is an ongoing download process. This do happen when whitelisting could not be applied like Opera scenario or when you are using the free version. To solve this, start wifi tethering process. This will make this application to stop cutting off internet connectivity. Do not forget to turn off tethering when through with the download process.                      In the application Settings, under Utilities, Auto screen off, you may install but do not enable (due to battery power implications) AUTO SCREEN OFF. This provides a widget called SCREEN that one can use to manually turn off screen display instead of pressing the power button which has frictional and mechanical implications. See Fig. 9 below.
                                   Fig. 9

    7. Install All-in-One Toolbox application and its timer plugin. Set the timer to 1 hour. See Fig. 10.
                                   Fig. 10

    This ensures no unused application is left running in memory (RAM) for more than one hour (or your preset time). Ensure you always save your job before switching to other applications to avoid accidental loss of data due to the effect of this application.
    Whitelist all Foreground processes, they can be found in Hibernate application homepage by clicking on the search icon.
    Fig. 11 below is a glimpse of my setting.

        Fig. 11

    8. Install Screen Brightness application and set it as shown in Fig. 12 below.

                                   Fig. 12

    Place it on your HOME pane and at a spot you will easily locate even when the screen display appears to be very dim (e.g. under bright sun rays). Refer to Fig. 13 for details.

                                Fig. 13

    Ensure your screen display is as dim as possible using the installed screen brightness application (between 0% and 30%) as shown in Fig. 13 above.

    1.  Instant messagers like Skype and BBM may demand more battery.
    2.  Ensure you did not restrict background processes in Developers option.
    3. Ensure your wifi, haptic feedback, vibrations, bluetooth and GPS are off when you do not need them.
    4. Do not install any process killer except the All-in-One Toolbox application above.
    5. Check to see if there is any unnecessary download processes going on at the background.
    Also see if there is live streaming (MEDIA SERVER) going on in sites you visited like Youtube and stop them.
    6. Stop auto update notice.
    7. Reduce the numbers of widgets you use to the barest minimum.
    8. Check the running processes in application manager in setting to see if any is constantly RESTARTING. Look for a way to stop such. One method is to click on them and then click Stop. Another method is to remove such from list of the hibernated applications and restart your device or whitelist them in All-in-one toolbox application.
    9. Restart your device once in a while (at least once in every three days) and anytime you notice issues.
    10. Sensors consume much power. Therefore reduce the numbers (and duration of use) of SENSORS. Below are some Sensors related activities.
    i. Auto screen dim during call (proximity sensor)
    ii. Voice call, Voice Search and Voice Commands (Mic)
    iii. Auto Screen brightness adjustment (Light sensor)
    iv. Internet Services (Inbuilt Radios) etc.
    Therefore, turn ON power saving mode, do not enable SMART STAY/PUASE, do not set your Display brightness to AUTO, ensure your screen timeout is one minute or less, stop all forms of unnecessary vibrations and sounds, turn off pen detection for Samsung Note Series, disable Hand Swipe for screen capture and use other methods for capturing screen images like pressing down both power and home buttons for about 3 seconds (For Samsung Note Series users, you can press and hold the button by the pen side and press its tip against the screen for about 3 seconds). Disable voice command activities etc. Remember that AutoSync Free application helps to control unnecessary continuous background synchronizations.
    These new features on smart devices are what has turned them into power sucking monsters. Only enable them consciously when you need them.
    Please note that SENSORS as used here is contextual and not generalized.

    11. Any hibernated application will not start as quickly as it would have done if unhibernated, but this is often unnoticed and will run more smoothly (once started) because some other application activities that would have competed with it for system resources would be in their hibernated states.
    12. Your device will still consume power, data and system resources when you engage it to carry out different tasks (especially those that are sensors related as mentioned in point No. 10, though far lesser than before). The major conservation takes place in idle mode as revealed by Fig. 14 and 15 below.

                                                 Fig. 14 & 15
    13. To occasionally free up ram, do not CLEAR MEMORY (Task Manager) but you can clear RECENT APPLICATIONS. The former will kill important background processes that will consume battery and CPU resources in order to restart. See Fig. 16.

                                    Fig. 16
    14. Mind the applications you install, reduce them as much as you can, avoid duplication of functions by multiple applications doing the same thing. Some of these applications run down your battery, clog ram and connect to internet illegally at background.
    15. The applications in your device may vary from the ones in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo, N7502 Model which was used for this research. Nevertheless, try to use the prescribed applications, outlined principles and ideas to get same results in your device.
    16. Above all, what consume power most when you are using your device is the Screen (display light) as evident in Fig. 1. This is why you should always (manually) keep your screen display light as low as possible (between 0% and 30%) using Screen Brightness application.

    1.       You do not need to root your device
    2.       All the official status benefits are retained like warranty and Over The Air (OTA) updates, etc.
    3.       Your data usage is controlled and minimized.
    4.       Your gadget security is enhanced. Unsafe internet access to your device from unnecessary applications are restricted by Mobiwol firewall.
    5.       Faster internet connectivity. This is because by appropriate restriction of unwanted connectivity by Mobiwol Firewall and hibernation of other applications by Hibernate application, your available internet bandwidth is maximize by your browsers and other internet dependent applications.   
    6.       Your device works with more ease (increased fluidity).
    7.       Battery life is enhanced.
    8.       All the processes are reversible.
    9.       Faster charging.
    10.    It can work on other Operating Systems with some amendments.
    11.    Your device can still do everything you want it to do even with more ease.
    12.    All the applications are free or has free versions.

    Fig. 17 below are some outcomes I got when I left my device (Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo n7502 version) overnight in three different instances and full use for two days in an instance.

        Fig. 17

    Here, it can be noticed that the results of the idle mode (overnight) instances varied. One of the reasons is using the device for many days without restarting it. This is another emphasis on the need to always restart (refresh) your gadgets at least once in every three days for optimal performances.

    All you have done is to put your device in SMART Deep Sleep Mode when the screen is dim and SMART Flight Mode when screen is active.
    SMART as used in this context means your device can still carry out the necessary standby functions like receive calls, messages and access internet facilities etc but at minimal system resources costs.

    With full understanding of the methods, ideas, processes and theories used in this project, one can extend such to other platforms wholly or partially in order to get same effect.
    Let take a look at Fig. 18 below which is the last screen capture I did for this research after final fine tuning, here the Device idle was the highest battery consumer while Android OS which used to be the highest in idle mode is now at third position. This is a clear indication that the device has been idle all through the period. Until you can record this kind of sequence in idle mode, you have not achieved the full potential of this project.

       Fig. 18
    Personally, this research is a breakthrough for my official and personal operations.

     I wish to encourage Smart device manufacturers to look into this project to see if they could incorporate these points into future devices.
    1.    Provide different background synchronization options as in AutoSync Free application.
    2.    Provide side scrollable button (like volume type) for manual screen brightness adjustments.
    3.    Create different power profiles that can group some of these power related activities together that users can enable or disable in order to harness the intended benefits.
    Nevertheless, if you could not get enough power on time from your device after applying all the settings outlined above, I will recommend that you change your battery or/and buy a portable power bank as a back up.
    Finally, I wish to draw the attention of software developers to this research in order to see if they could develop an application that combines the useful processes and services utilized from the combination of the different applications used above. Android users would be ever grateful to such fellows. All I will ask from such developers are proper credits for my work.
    1.       Google Incorporated.
    2.       Hibernate.apk developer.
    3.       Screen Brightness.apk developer.
    4.       Autosync free.apk developer.
    5.       All-in-one Toolbox.apk developer.
    6.       2 battery.apk developer.
    7.       Mobiwol.apk developer.
    8.       Samsung Incorporated.
    9.       XDA Developers Forum.
    10.    The God of Wisdom.

    Please keep all comments, analysis, criticisms and observations precise and constructive.

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